Baseball Stadium

Baseball- World Series

By Evan A. Vieira, DPM, FACFAS

It has been a pretty great year for baseball in New York.  

Both the Mets and Yankees are real contenders.  Here at Advanced Foot Care, we are a house divided regarding our baseball teams.  Doctors from all around have joined our group, so their allegiances might not be with the local teams. But, regardless of your fandom, we are here for you. 

With that said, the beginning of MLB playoffs always signals what we like to call our cold weather considerations. Whether you are chasing your World Series dreams or hitting the field with friends on the weekend, the cooler temperatures should change some of your preparations.  

Baseball World Series

Stretching. Stretching. Stretching.  Many of the injuries we see in the fall months are related to inadequate or complete lack of stretching.  One of our favorite modalities is a night splint.  This simple device can be fit and dispensed in our office and offers a superb lower leg and foot stretch that can be done in the comfort of your home.  A night splint can treat and prevent issues with your legs and feet.  

Support.  One of the primary ways we achieve this is by using custom-made foot orthotics.  Our board-certified doctors will provide you with a full biomechanical examination, gait analysis, and 3D laser scan of your feet we then use to make a completely custom device that can take your performance to the next level. 

So, whatever your fall activity of choice is, let us help you get ready the right way! 

And maybe we can even see a Mets vs. Yankees World Series faceoff this year who knows! 

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