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Diabetes and Summer Foot Problems

By Basem Hakim DPM

Summer is always a good time to enjoy the warm weather. However, diabetic patients with nerve damage (neuropathy) have a higher probability of fungal infections because of excess moisture and heat.

Having diabetes, especially if it is uncontrolled for many years, can cause loss of normal feet sensation, developing burning, numbness, tingling, and possibly decreasing peripheral circulation and poor blood flow. Unfortunately, a diabetic patient can get cut wounds as well without even noticing. These wounds may subsequently get infected and not heal because of poor blood flow.

Educating my diabetic patients with simple advice about proper foot care can protect them from plenty of complications such as infection, hospital admissions, non-healing ulcers, which unfortunately may get complicated and patients may lose toes or even end up in more proximal amputations.

I advise my diabetic patients to get in the habit of keeping their feet clean, drying thoroughly between their toes, wearing proper shoe gear, and always check their shoes and feet daily for early detection of any abnormal findings that may need early medical assistance.

Don’t hesitate to contact any of our Advanced Foot Care office locations if you noticed any cut, blister, redness or drainage and need diabetic foot care on Long Island. The earlier I see you, the best care I can provide. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer.

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