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No one wants foot pain to slow them down even in the simplest routines. No matter what your day holds, healthy feet are essential. A healthy pair of feet is essential for a comfortable and fulfilling way of life, which is why we value foot health at Advanced Podiatry-Maspeth/Queens

We’re not just another podiatry practice near you. With a long history of serving Woodhaven residents, our Maspeth/Queens office specializes in a wide range of foot and ankle related concerns. 

What Makes Our Local Podiatry Office Different?

  • With a deep-rooted connection to the community, we offer localized expertise you can rely on.
  • Maspeth/Queens is a convenient location that ensures easy access for you and your Woodhaven neighbors. Enjoy quality care close to home instead of long commutes.
  • Our care is affordable and accessible thanks to our strong working relationship with insurance providers. To make the insurance process as seamless as possible, our team will guide you through the complexities of the process.
  • With comprehensive foot and ankle services under one roof, we can address all your concerns related to your feet and ankles.

Our Podiatric Services Include:

  • Achilles Tendinitis Treatment: You don’t have to let Achilles tendinitis slow you down. We help you regain your mobility and comfort by diagnosing and treating this common condition.
  • Bunions Care: Bunions can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. We offer comprehensive care, from conservative treatments to advanced surgical solutions, to address bunions and provide lasting relief.
  • Hammertoe Treatment: Hammertoes can cause pain and limit your shoe options. Get back to wearing your favorite shoes by straightening your hammertoes.
  • Ankle Care: Ankle sprains and fractures can happen to anyone. Providing thorough evaluation and treatment can ensure a quick and safe recovery.
  • Fungal Toenail Treatment: Stop being embarrassed by fungal toenails. Our laser treatments can help you achieve healthier, clearer nails.
  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy: With shockwave therapy, we promote healing and relieve pain associated with various foot and ankle conditions.

We also treat:

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Advanced Footcare has everything you need to make sure you receive exceptional podiatric care in Queens, NY. Contact us today at (516) 400-4508  to schedule your appointment and take the first step toward better foot health.

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