Fracture Care

Fracture care made easy. 

At Advanced Foot Care, we focus on the patient’s personal needs and goals to provide the care they need.

Much of our practice is dedicated to helping those with foot and ankle problems and sports injuries. Some fractures can heal with a period of immobilization, while some may require surgical intervention. 

Our board-certified doctors can use advanced imaging on-site to diagnose and formulate the best treatment plan for you.  Urgent and same-day appointments are available as well. 

Fracture care with a personal touch

We offer fracture care for all parts of your feet, from toes up to the ankle, so you can heal quickly and without complication.

Our podiatrists specialize in treating all types of fractures such as broken toes, broken feet or toes, broken ankles or legs. We also provide care for fractures that are wrapped in casts or on crutches. 

Our team has years of experience treating these difficult fractures with success!

We have you covered

Advanced Foot Care specializes in a broad range of foot and ankle care services, including conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, heel pain and more. We also offer podiatry treatments for chronic/refractory conditions such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and more.

Foot Fracture Care - Advanced Foot Care

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