Dr. Besem Hakim, podiatrist on Long Island, New York

Why I Joined Advanced Podiatry

By Dr.  Basem Hakim

As Advanced Podiatry Group is the largest and fastest-growing podiatry group in NY State, I have followed its great success and achievements since I started my residency. 

Joining the esteemed Advanced Podiatry Group has become the perfect dream. It is an excellent match for my skills and my interests. Also, it makes me very excited by the prospect of working with such a professional team as well.

For me, it’s not just a job but also an opportunity to gain experience, knowledge, and pursue more success and achievements.

With Advanced Podiatry’s approachable, open attitude and strong foundation, I will be able to put my patients’ needs at the forefront of my work, and have a track record of delivering professional, successful, high-quality medical and surgical podiatry treatment plans. 

In essence, I am excited and confident about the prospect of working and being a team player with Advanced Podiatry.

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