Heel pain

Heel pain in children

By Evan A. Vieira, DPM, FACFAS

Fall sports and activities are in full swing.  From soccer and baseball to gymnastics and dance parents are shuttling their kids to all sorts of after school athletics.  

One of the most common complaints we see during this time of year is children coming in with new onset pain in their heels

Heel pain


Your child may complain of an ache or sharp pain in their heels relieved with rest and aggravated by activity.  This is usually a sign of calcaneal disease. 

Kids have a large growth plate in the back of their feet at the attachment of the achilles tendon.  While still open, this soft region of the heel is prone to inflammation and pain.  Usually, triggered by the sudden resumption of sports and other activities.  
At Advanced Footcare we are able to do onsite digital  x-rays and ultrasound studies to identify and diagnose problems such as this. Custom foot orthotics, stretching devices and medication are all helpful modalities to treat and control Sever’s disease in kids.  
If your child is complaining of foot pain, don’t ignore it.  It isn’t normal.  Make an appointment today to be evaluation and rule out more serious conditions.  After school, weekend, evening and same day appointments are available. 

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