Kids orthotics

Kids orthotics and school activities

By Basem Hakim, DPM, AACFAS

Helping kids to grow in a well balanced physical and mental health is a major concern to all parents. Participation in sports is the key to have your children growing healthy and developing proper social skills. But a lot of foot conditions prevent children from exercising, enjoying physical activities and reaching their goals. 

A lot of common foot conditions can be managed by orthotics.

Some of these problems include flat feet, high arches, bunions, back pain, and limb length discrepancy. Orthotics can address all of these issues and more. They are insoles or inserts that can fit in standardized shoe size. They can be purchased over the counter and can be custom made to address each patient’s needs.

Kids orthotics


Early evaluation is crucial, as children’s feet grow faster than the rest of the human body. Waiting may negatively impact the feet biomechanics, and result in permanent foot deformities. When it comes to children’s orthotics, custom-made orthotics are much better than prefab or non-prescription over-the-counter type insoles. They are a sturdy supportive foundation for the developing feet. Children especially benefit from custom foot orthotics, as they can correct a variety of foot issues such as posture by reducing muscle fatigue, create an optimum gait, by aligning the feet with the knees, alleviate the pain, provide quicker healing time, higher success rate, better fitting, no need for special shoes and will eliminate the second guess whether one option works better than other. These benefits will improve your child’s mobility, activity, and above all will help to avoid more complex issues including degenerative changes, and permanent foot deformities.

If your child is experiencing foot pain, frequent falls, difficulty in running as fast as their peers, abnormal gait, misaligned ankles or knees, developing calluses, bunions or deformities, get your child to be early evaluated by one of our experienced podiatrists, using the most advanced technology to create the best orthotics that can fit your child’s feet to prevent further developmental damage, and the foot structure become fixed.

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