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Podiatric Care over the past 30 years

By Zevi W Isseroff, DPM, FACFAS, FACFAOM

I graduated from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine a very long time ago—1978. Over the many years that I have been a Podiatrist I have been able to integrate into my practice the latest advances in Podiatry to the benefit of my patients.


One of the most important treatments for foot pain; eg. Heel pain, Arch pain, Metatarsal pain is the custom made Orthotic. As with any device that is “Custom Made” it must be casted and made with exact measurements to correct any foot deformity.

The older method was taking a plaster of Paris impression of the foot. The main drawback was the orthotic being made a few degrees off and less than exact because the individual taking the cast impression pressed to hard against the foot.  

Custom Orthotics - Advanced Foot Care

The newer technique that we use at Advanced Foot Care is 3-D scanning. The foot is scanned in a    3-D mode and the scan is sent directly to the Orthotic laboratory where it is made. The new 3-D technique guarantees a precise orthotic that can relieve your foot pain.

At Advanced Foot Care the Orthotics we make for our patients are from the premium laboratory in the USA. They are super thin and as supportive as the “Old” Steel orthotic. Our Orthotics are guaranteed for life.

The Old Steel Orthotic:

Our premier Ulta Thin Super Glass Orthotic,

Braces and Orthotics for Painful Ankles:

The Old Leg Steel Brace:

The newest low profile Ankle Foot Orthotic:

Fungal Nails: One of the most challenging nail problems that patients complain of are thick ugly fungal nails. Over the many years I have been practicing my patients have told me about all the various nontraditional methods they have tried in eradicating the fungus. Tea tree oil, Vick’s Vapo rub, bleach, yogurt as well as all the remedies advertised in magazines are just some of the many failed treatments. Prescription topical medicines have a cure rate of 13% and the Oral medication although it has a higher cure rate can cause liver problems. At Advanced Foot Care we utilize the PinPointe Foot laser, a FDA approved and clinically proven laser to cure fungal nails. What is unique about the PinPointe Laser is that it does not harm any surrounding skin or healthy nail. ingrown toenails


Are any patients not apprehensive about getting an injection into their foot?

How does the Doctor know he is injecting the nerve if he can’t see it? Well, the Doctor knows the anatomy and knows where it should be. That was the old-fashioned way.

At Advanced Foot Care in many cases we utilize Ultrasound guidance to find the nerve and make 100% certain that we are injecting into the exact site.

I have highlighted a few of the advances that have been made in Podiatry over the past years. At Advanced Foot Care, our name insures that you as the patient will receive the most up to date and advanced treatment in solving and treating your foot ailment.

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