Sweaty Feet

Sweaty Feet

By Mary Ann D’Amara, DPM

Spring is here!! Hooray, but for many of us that means the return of sweaty feet.

Sweaty Feet

Some of the most  common causes of sweaty feet are warmer weather, increased activity and exercise, athletes foot and even spicy foods. Other causes can be anxiety, stress and hormones such as a thyroid disorder.

Home treatments are to wash feet with an antibacterial soap, dry feet well especially between the toes and use powder in socks such as gold bond. Socks should be washed in hot water. A roll on antiperspirant (not deodorant) can be used daily on the feet. Shoes should be a breathable material and can be cleansed at night with a Lysol wipe.

If the home treatments fail then a visit to your podiatrist is the next step to healthy feet for the summer!

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