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Prom related foot injuries

By Pedram A. Hendizadeh, DPM, FACFAS

Foot Injuries Related to Junior and Senior Proms by Pedram.


Junior and senior proms are a significant part of many teenagers’ lives. While it is an exciting and memorable event, it can also pose health risks, especially for the feet. As a podiatrist, I have seen several foot-related injuries around the prom season. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common foot injuries related to junior and senior proms and how to prevent them.

1. High Heel-Related Injuries

High heels are a popular choice of footwear for proms, and for good reason – they elevate your style and make you feel elegant. However, wearing high heels for long hours can cause severe discomfort and sometimes even lead to injuries. Some of the common injuries associated with wearing high heels include blisters, foot pain, ankle sprains, and stress fractures. It is essential to choose the right pair of heels and take them for a test walk before the event. You should also consider changing into flat shoes after some time to give your feet a break.

2. Trips and Falls

Dancing and socializing are a significant part of proms, but they can also lead to embarrassing falls and injuries. Tripping and falling can cause sprains, fractures, and even dislocations. You can prevent falls by wearing shoes with a good grip and staying on flat surfaces while dancing. Avoid running or jumping around in your footwear. Instead, move around slowly and carefully, and use the handrail on stairs.

3. Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails occur when the corner or edge of your toenail grows into your skin, causing pain and swelling. This condition can lead to infection if not treated promptly. Wearing shoes that fit tightly or are too small can cause ingrown toenails. Ensure that your shoes fit comfortably and give your toes enough room to wiggle.

4. Weather-Related Injuries

Weather conditions such as rain and snow can make prom nights tricky and lead to slips, falls, and other injuries. Choose shoes with good traction and wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather. If you must wear heels, bring a pair of comfortable shoes to wear when walking outside.

Tips for Preventing Foot Injuries at Proms

– Choose shoes that fit comfortably and provide good support.

– Break-in new shoes before the event to prevent blisters.

– If you plan on wearing high heels, avoid wearing them for long hours.

– Bring a spare pair of comfortable shoes or sandals for dancing and walking outside.

– Move around slowly and carefully to avoid tripping and falling.

– Use the handrail on stairs for support.

– Wear weather-appropriate clothing and shoes.

Prom night is a fun and exciting event, but it can also lead to foot injuries if you are not careful. Choosing the right footwear, wearing weather-appropriate clothing, and taking it slow while dancing are a few tips that can help you stay safe and enjoy the night without any problems. If you do experience any foot-related issues, seek medical attention promptly. As a podiatrist, I advise my patients to take good care of their feet to prevent any injuries so that they can enjoy the events they attend without any pain or discomfort.

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